Process for providing a contamination-reducing component to

20021120-(GIS), gas-insulated lines (GIL), transformers,separating the housing from the electrical component a suitable substitute for SF6 (sul

Dynamic Web-GIS Based Landslide Early Warning System for

This article aims to develop a Web-GIS based landslide early warning system (EWS) for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area (CMA), Bangladesh, where, in


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SF6 Leakage Test Unit for GIS Components

SF6 Leakage Test Unit for GIS ComponentsThe article offers brief information on the sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) leakage test unit from Armaturen und


GIS technology provides a mechanism for easily separating small riparian and other wetland areas from larger maps and detailing their important natural and


PDF | On Dec 13, 2018, Cheng Lin and others published Research on Electromagnetic Interference of Smart Device Acquisition Unit under GIS Disconnector

Dismantler unit for separation of steel from rubber in

20081020-The steel belt(14) is stripped way from the rubber(16) at a separating unit(10,12). The separated steel belt is pulled away from the rubber

US5799598A - Apparatus for sealing a vacuum chamber of a seed

Each planting unit typically includes a seed hopper for containing and Notably, the axial distance separating the first and second surfaces 308,

Neural network classifiers for GIS data: improved search

Neural network classifiers for GIS data: improved search strategiesfor the creation and positioning of a separating hyperplane in attribute-

Residential scene classification for gridded population

method that addresses some of these issues by using geographic information system (GIS) tools to create logistically manageable area units for

the Expert GIS-Based Geotechnical Information System for

(or data points) and the distance separating these observations (h) of the GIS database, based on the TM coordinate system (units: m)

Residential scene classification for gridded population

One such method, geosampling, uses a geographic information system (GIS) and attempt to interview all targeted respondents within the grid unit